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Why All Small Businesses Should Use Local Seo

Most local businesses rely on the internet to gain new leads. If you still havent introduced your business to the online world, then you risk losing out on a great amount of sales to your competitors. According to Google, 9 out 10 people with internet access use search engines to look for local businesses. Considering the fact that there are billions of people using search engines, its easy to see how they can propel your business to the next level. Read on and discover the benefits of local SEO in terms of generating leads and increasing conversions.

Why It Pays To Be On The Top Spot

If youre just getting your feet wet in the realm of search engine optimization, then youve probably heard that reaching the top spot of the search listings should be your ultimate priority. There are a number of reasons why you shouldnt be satisfied by simply getting on the first page. The number one position receives about one-third of the total clicks, which could amount to an enormous amount of targeted traffic if youre ranking for multiple keywords.

Understanding The Google Pigeon Update

It used to be that local ranking factors different from traditional ranking signals. But with the release of Pigeon back in July 2014, Google has significantly improved their local search results to return the best business listings to their users.

Naturally, Google didnt detail the changes theyve made for local SEO. But plenty of studies have been conducted by SEO experts from various industries in an attempt to decipher this algorithmic update. Google explained, however, that local results are now tied closely with conventional ranking factors. Essentially, what this means is that webmasters and SEOs should now employ practically the same strategies for both local SEO and other projects. Its also important to note that the Pigeon update has affected results on both Google Maps and web search.

One of the biggest takeaways is that local directories have measurably increased their search visibility following Pigeon. Yelp, one of the biggest online directories on the web, previously accused Google of disregarding their site in the search results. After the update, it has become very noticeable that local business directories and review sites have increased in rankings including Yelp, Trip Advisor and Kayak. This means you should ensure that your business is listed in all relevant online directories as they can now drive a significant amount of traffic back to your website.

Google also said that Pigeon improved their distance and location parameters. Its still unclear what this means exactly, but some SEOs offer their own ideas. For instance, many interpret this as the new algorithms ability to understand certain search queries that may have different meanings among different people. If two groups use two distinct names to refer to the same place, Google now understands what they mean and returns the relevant result. So, if you are based in the Midlands and want to target the right audience, local Birmingham SEO will help you increase your rankings.

Start Using Local SEO Today

Using local SEO is simply a must to succeed in todays business landscape. Not ranking for the most relevant keywords to your business puts you at a huge competitive disadvantage. Its high time to increase your search visibility by using effective local SEO strategies, allowing you to build your brand, generate leads and increase revenue.

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2 Things Your Ecommerce Website Must Have

Online shopping is the latest trend among customers. Why would you still go to the shop personally when you can do shopping from the comforts of your own home? Because of the rising popularity of online shopping, more and more business persons are setting up their own ecommerce websites to meet the needs of customers and of course, earn big money online. Get 1st place ranking for your video at

There is a very bright future for ecommerce websites. As long as there are needs that should be met, there will be customers. For ecommerce website owners, earning money online can be so easy. If people need your products and services, your website will stay alive as long as you want.

Online Competition For Ecommerce Websites

Because of the increasing numbers of online shoppers, there is a need for more ecommerce websites. The problem, however, is that there seem to be several ecommerce websites now. A lot of business persons have answered the call to sell something online. This makes online competition very tough.

Just think about this, if you sell health and beauty products online, there are hundred more several websites like yours. They also offer the same products and services. If there is one customer looking for a health product, he has a hundred choices to choose from. So how can you increase your websites chance of getting that customer? More customers find you at

Plan Ahead And Market Your Ecommerce Website

This is one thing that most ecommerce website owners do not completely understand. Most of them think that once they have set up their websites, they dont have to do anything anymore. They will just sit and wait for sales. This may be true ages ago, but with the tough competition now, if you dont do anything, you wont get any sales. Get massive traffic at where the money is in the list.

Ecommerce websites need two things to consider. First is planning and the second is marketing. Before setting up the website, there must be a thorough planning first. In planning, you must consider the target market, budget, design and other factors that will affect the overall performance of the website.

Second is website marketing videos seo . After you have set up your website, you need to work on a marketing campaign. Through marketing, you can make your website more popular and visible to your target market. There are several web marketing options which you can use. The choice of the web marketing option depends on the need of your website.

Remember not to stop working on your website after the set up. If you stop working on it, the sales will also stop. Continually market your website for continuous sales.

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The Importance Of First Page Rankings To Your Business

In todays world of technology, most businesses are investing in building a website so that they can create their online presence. What you should know is that having a website doesnt necessarily mean good business. Making your websites rank high in the leading search engines so that it can appear in top search results is what is more important. Keep reading this article to understand the importance of first page rankings to your business and your online marketing campaign.

Improved Business Popularity

Being able to reach the first page in the leading search engines and continuously maintaining it will attract more customers to your business. This is because customers will be able to get more familiar and interested in your business which will finally culminate in sales.

Many Web Users Only Look at the First Page Results

Many web users will always look at the first four or five results of any search. They rarely go from page to page checking for results. The reason for this is that search engines always place websites with negative feedback, insufficient data, less user-friendly features and ineffective content in the concurring pages because these websites are ranked low. It is therefore important that your website appear among the ten results on the first page if searched using relevant keywords.

Lead to Increased Sales

The many positive characteristics of a website makes it possible to be included among the best, which increases the probability of higher sales. Higher sales lead to more profit.

Reduced Costs

When using a per leads basis you will realize that inbound marketing costs are reduced. This is because these leads come directly from search engines meaning the potential of your business depends on your Search Engine Results Page. SERP can effectively reduce the cost of your advertisement.

Increases the Authenticity of Your Business

Search Engine Results Page not only boosts the business, it also makes it more authentic. It is a proven fact that web visitors believe that the few websites that result from their searches are more authentic than the others in the same industry. This psychological game will give you an advantage if your website is ranked first in the search engines.

It Boosts Traffic

Websites that appear among the top results in the search engines receive 54% of all the clicks from users. This is according to a study from Optify. More clicks mean more traffic to your website which will in turn boost your profitability. If your customers are not able to find you on a first page of any search engine then your website will not get enough traffic which will make you miss out on making money.

In conclusion, the ability to get found online when web users type in a particular keyword has become so important that it makes a company to either rise or fall. Most buying decisions today begin with an online search. It is for this reason that online store owners need to optimize their websites to make sure that they rank top in the leading search engines.

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How To Do Seo Google Marketing In Santiago, Chile

Santiago de Chile is a growing first world city in South America. People are beginning to use the internet to make purchases but there are many skeptics. For internet marketers in Chile, there are tremendous opportunities here especially when you take into consideration the number of poorly designed websites that cannot rank with SEO Google in Chile.

In Chile, how do you create a website that is SEO (search engine optimized), have a unique selling point and drive traffic to your site? Well, it isnt through AdWords or Facebook ads because those are becoming less effective every day. Ranking on page 1 in Google Chile is the only real option. So once you figure out how to drive traffic for buyers keyword phrases, then youve got to focus on conversions. In all of your online/offline marketing materials, make sure that each prospective buyer perceives that your offer is different. It could be price (but this is the worst to focus upon since how low can you actually go?). It could be value. But in most cases if you are not selling a proprietary solution, then it has to be in service.

To become more efficient with your internet marketing, you have to set goals for your progress. You cant depend solely upon waiting for organic ranking or your keyword phrase to be picked up due to your SEO efforts. You have to make some waves in the social media sites also. This is what naturally occurs when a great product/service is released. As youre doing this youll find that using a program to track site behaviors will give you an indicator as to what youre doing right/wrong.

Figure out a way to get your target market involved. It is said that you have to be seen or heard at least 7 times before someone makes a buying decision. This means using social media and email lists to give your prospects up to date information on your prices, sales, and seasonal promotions. The downside of offering too many sales is that people become bargain-hunters and never buy at full price because they know youll offer a sale soon. That said, these happen to be fairly effective ways to constantly keep your consumer informed while keeping your brand(s) in front of them. The RSS feed for your site and shopping cart can ultimately drive traffic to you when done correctly.

So if you are new to internet marketing and marketing online in Santiago, Chile, set a clear goal for yourself about where you want to take your SEO business. Some of the so-called experts in business (who have jobs but arent business owners) say focus on one thing at a time, but you really wont be able to… Internet marketing means wearing a million hats and juggling two million jobs all the time. The risks are big but the potential payoffs are huge. To stay on top of the Chilean internet marketing environment, pay attention to changes in ranking and youll probably want to follow sites that talk about industry changes. The internet is always moving forward and chaotic, so IM and SEO is always going to be changing. There are some foundational, basic principles that will result in long term ranking and these are: quality, unique content; fast website speed; proven products/services that people buy; and high quality backlinks or social mentions to your website pages. The search engines will change their algorithms all the time to try to offer the most exact search results. Keywords phrases will rise and fall in popularity. Site designs that seem innovative today will most likely look outdated in the next year or two. As an internet marketer the only thing you can do is keep up with the online marketing trends in Chile and do your best to flow with them. The only way to consistently be successful, is to adapt to the realities of the market.

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How Can I Find A Great Seo Service For My Website?

Many website owners get discouraged over the number of visitors their site receives on a daily basis. Most simply set their sites up and put some content up and just hope for the best. Anyone who has ever built a website knows they are going about it all wrong. It takes time and patience to start getting visitors to a website. However, above all it takes really good search engine optimization techniques. This is simply the process of making your site as appealing as possible to the search engines. By doing this, your site will appear higher in the search engines for targeted keywords.

Search engine optimization is not an easy process. It takes years of learning and experience to get good at it. That is why it is best to hire an SEO West Midlands firm to do all of your site's optimisation work. However, you may not know where to find good professionals in the industry. This article will show you everything you need to know.

Google It

One of the best places to find a search engine optimization professional is on the internet of course! Simply type in "SEO firm" and the name or your town or region and you should be rewarded with several listings as well as reviews and recommendations. If a professional has made it to the front page of Google for their competitive local search term, they are worth checking out.

Internet Marketing Forums

There are many forum online theatre to internet marketers. You may begin browsing these forums and look in the buy/sell/trade area and you will find many SEO professionals advertising their services. These are typically freelancers who are trying to make extra money. However, the services are generally good. If you are unsure about a specific provider, simply read the forum thread and find out what other members thought of the service.

Freelance Sites

There are any sites online that have created a virtual marketplace for freelancers. Sites like Elance, Odesk, and Fiverr offer everything a profession could need in terms of inexpensive outsourcing. There are graphic designers, writers, and SEO professionals. You may have to search around these sites for a bit to find what you are looking for. However, you can speed up the process by creating an ad and allowing workers to bid for the job. This enables you to choose from a large group of individuals. It is a great way to get a good worker at an affordable cost.

Online Classified Sites

One of the last ways to consider getting SEO work is by scanning online classified sites like Craigslist. The workers you find on these types of classified sites will be hit or miss. Make sure you fully communicate your needs with potential workers and see if they understand what you are looking for. Also, ask to see samples of their work and other websites they have been able to rank in the past.

Your website is an investment in your future. The only way it is going to grow and rank is by proper search engine optimization. Make sure you find the right firm to do the proper work for you.

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