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Common Hazards On Building Sites

Hazards are common in construction and every construction worker needs to have the necessary safety training in order to avoid injury and illness due to these hazards.

White Card Online Express training  aims to educate workers about the hazards and risks associated with construction so that they can stay safe while on the job site.

For each worker, risks associated with construction need to be taken seriously in order to avoid accidents. In order to educate workers about hazards and help them develop the right attitude towards WH&S, the federal government has made general construction safety training obligatory.

So in other words before you can enter the construction industry as a worker anywhere in Australia, you must complete White Card training.

An important topic covered by the white card course is how to identify and address common construction hazards.

While no 2 sites are exactly the same, there are certain hazards that are not unique to any site. These commonly occurring hazards are covered by the white card course.

Construction has been classified as a high risk industry, in fact it is the fourth most dangerous in Australia. Although fatalities in the industry have fallen this year, even one death is one too many.

Ensuring workers complete safety training is enabling them to face the risks of construction without presenting a risk to themselves or their co-workers.

In construction hazards can be biological, chemical, ergonomic or physical. Hazards can also be induced by site design. Workers will learn the most common of these hazards and develop a better understanding of workplace health and safety laws in Australia.

While there are certain things that can only be learnt through experience, the white card course ensures workers don’t step onto a work site blind about the hazards they will face.

By learning to identify hazards prior to commencing work, hazards can be addressed so that they aren’t a risk to the health and safety of workers and visitors to the construction site.

Employers should understand that communication, training and supervision all go together in promoting a culture of safety on a construction site. Training is central to promoting and maintaining a safe work site and minimising injuries in this high risk sector.

There are various types of construction safety training that workers will undergo in the course of their careers, but first and foremost they must complete general construction safety training also known as The White Card course.

Once you complete the training and gain a white card, you can work on any site in Australia because the card is nationally valid and doesn’t expire.