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Why Usability In Web Design Should Be Your Top Priority

A lot of people get focused on flash when they're designing a website. They want a website that looks expensive; something that makes a strong impression as soon as people see it.

But while a skilled designer can easily create an eye-catching website, these sorts of designs aren't always a smart bet. While a site should always look professional, it also has to be functional. Designers should make usability in web design their primary focus.

In the past, the majority of people browsed the internet on desktop computers. Now, all that has changed. The average person could encounter a site on a laptop, a tablet, or a tiny mobile phone screen. Sites need to be able to cater to all of these people.

If a flashy site can't be used by the people who browse it, it's a failure. Sites aren't just there to look impressive; they're designed to serve some kind of function.

Think about what the primary purpose of your site is. Is it a shopping site? Is it supposed to give people information about your business? Is it a helpful blog filled with various tips and guides? Or is it just like a business card holder with only basic information available?

You need to make sure that the design you use doesn't take away from that function. People browsing a shopping site should easily be able to find any products they need. If people are looking for specific information, they should be able to find that information in a matter of minutes.

A lot of flashy features can also slow a site down. People don't always have the highest internet speeds, especially if they're browsing with the wireless connection on their phones. If a site is loading too slowly, they may wind up going to a different site instead.

There's nothing wrong with employing minimalism in your site design. In fact, a number of sources have named simplicity one of the biggest web design trends. People aren't looking for pizzazz anymore. They just want to find a site that works when they need it to. If you can deliver that, people will come back to your site again and again.

When you're working to create a new site, ease of use should be at the forefront of your mind. Usability in web design is incredibly important. Work to create a great-looking site that people can really use. Flash is nice, but functionality is a lot nicer.


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