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Why All Small Businesses Should Use Local Seo

Most local businesses rely on the internet to gain new leads. If you still havent introduced your business to the online world, then you risk losing out on a great amount of sales to your competitors. According to Google, 9 out 10 people with internet access use search engines to look for local businesses. Considering the fact that there are billions of people using search engines, its easy to see how they can propel your business to the next level. Read on and discover the benefits of local SEO in terms of generating leads and increasing conversions.

Why It Pays To Be On The Top Spot

If youre just getting your feet wet in the realm of search engine optimization, then youve probably heard that reaching the top spot of the search listings should be your ultimate priority. There are a number of reasons why you shouldnt be satisfied by simply getting on the first page. The number one position receives about one-third of the total clicks, which could amount to an enormous amount of targeted traffic if youre ranking for multiple keywords.

Understanding The Google Pigeon Update

It used to be that local ranking factors different from traditional ranking signals. But with the release of Pigeon back in July 2014, Google has significantly improved their local search results to return the best business listings to their users.

Naturally, Google didnt detail the changes theyve made for local SEO. But plenty of studies have been conducted by SEO experts from various industries in an attempt to decipher this algorithmic update. Google explained, however, that local results are now tied closely with conventional ranking factors. Essentially, what this means is that webmasters and SEOs should now employ practically the same strategies for both local SEO and other projects. Its also important to note that the Pigeon update has affected results on both Google Maps and web search.

One of the biggest takeaways is that local directories have measurably increased their search visibility following Pigeon. Yelp, one of the biggest online directories on the web, previously accused Google of disregarding their site in the search results. After the update, it has become very noticeable that local business directories and review sites have increased in rankings including Yelp, Trip Advisor and Kayak. This means you should ensure that your business is listed in all relevant online directories as they can now drive a significant amount of traffic back to your website.

Google also said that Pigeon improved their distance and location parameters. Its still unclear what this means exactly, but some SEOs offer their own ideas. For instance, many interpret this as the new algorithms ability to understand certain search queries that may have different meanings among different people. If two groups use two distinct names to refer to the same place, Google now understands what they mean and returns the relevant result. So, if you are based in the Midlands and want to target the right audience, local Birmingham SEO will help you increase your rankings.

Start Using Local SEO Today

Using local SEO is simply a must to succeed in todays business landscape. Not ranking for the most relevant keywords to your business puts you at a huge competitive disadvantage. Its high time to increase your search visibility by using effective local SEO strategies, allowing you to build your brand, generate leads and increase revenue.

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