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The Importance Of First Page Rankings To Your Business

In todays world of technology, most businesses are investing in building a website so that they can create their online presence. What you should know is that having a website doesnt necessarily mean good business. Making your websites rank high in the leading search engines so that it can appear in top search results is what is more important. Keep reading this article to understand the importance of first page rankings to your business and your online marketing campaign.

Improved Business Popularity

Being able to reach the first page in the leading search engines and continuously maintaining it will attract more customers to your business. This is because customers will be able to get more familiar and interested in your business which will finally culminate in sales.

Many Web Users Only Look at the First Page Results

Many web users will always look at the first four or five results of any search. They rarely go from page to page checking for results. The reason for this is that search engines always place websites with negative feedback, insufficient data, less user-friendly features and ineffective content in the concurring pages because these websites are ranked low. It is therefore important that your website appear among the ten results on the first page if searched using relevant keywords.

Lead to Increased Sales

The many positive characteristics of a website makes it possible to be included among the best, which increases the probability of higher sales. Higher sales lead to more profit.

Reduced Costs

When using a per leads basis you will realize that inbound marketing costs are reduced. This is because these leads come directly from search engines meaning the potential of your business depends on your Search Engine Results Page. SERP can effectively reduce the cost of your advertisement.

Increases the Authenticity of Your Business

Search Engine Results Page not only boosts the business, it also makes it more authentic. It is a proven fact that web visitors believe that the few websites that result from their searches are more authentic than the others in the same industry. This psychological game will give you an advantage if your website is ranked first in the search engines.

It Boosts Traffic

Websites that appear among the top results in the search engines receive 54% of all the clicks from users. This is according to a study from Optify. More clicks mean more traffic to your website which will in turn boost your profitability. If your customers are not able to find you on a first page of any search engine then your website will not get enough traffic which will make you miss out on making money.

In conclusion, the ability to get found online when web users type in a particular keyword has become so important that it makes a company to either rise or fall. Most buying decisions today begin with an online search. It is for this reason that online store owners need to optimize their websites to make sure that they rank top in the leading search engines.

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