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The Benefits Of Holding A Webinar

Before the Internet age, most social interactions occurred face to face. Students attended lectures in classrooms, businessmen met over lunch or dinner at restaurants, and people flocked to convention centers to attend seminars. Soon after the world entered the Age of Information, things changed drastically. Due to the many technological developments in the past decade, it is now perfectly normal to do pretty much all of those activities without leaving your home.

These days, all you need to get in touch with someone on the other side of the world (or the street) is a mobile smartphone or a laptop with a functioning Internet connection.

The webinar is a perfect example of communication in the 21st century. Sometimes referred to as a web event, web lecture, or a webcast, a webinar is basically an event that is exclusively attended by a group of people over the Internet. Given the rising demand for information and mobility, webinars have also become a popular way to convey messages to one's target audience

Setting up and promoting your own webinar can be a little tricky though, especially if you've never done it before, but the benefits often far outweigh the costs:-

1. Webinars are highly interactive. Although you might not have physical contact with your audience, there are many tools out there that you can use to encourage their participation throughout the event. Platforms like Webinar Jam Studio have applications that enable webinar participants to pose questions or directly chat with the organizers. You can also conduct live surveys and polls on the webinar and with webinar jam you can even add a clickable call to action button inside the webinar window.

2. Compared to traditional events, webinars are far more cost-effective. A webinarjam studio review pointed out that conducting a webinar will spare you the expense and the trouble of booking a conference room for your event or seminar. Your attendees will also no longer have to incur the time, expense and inconvenience of travelling to a particular venue since they simply log in to a webinar online at the appointed time.

3. Webinars that feature speakers who are very much in demand also eliminate the need to book flights and or lodgings for the said speaker.

4. Webinars are highly convenient for your target audience so they are more likely to show up. Thanks to platforms like WebinarJam Studio, your target group can use any device that is Wi-fi ready and can run your chosen webinar application smoothly in order to attend the webinar.

5. There is a great deal of potential for creativity with webinars

Thanks to all the webinar tools out there, you can integrate your own personal touch into your presentation. Just like in a traditional presentation, you can present photos, videos, and Powerpoint slides during a webinar depending on the sort of message you want to present. You can also opt to speak directly to your audience (and even hear them respond to you in turn) or just rely on the slides and photos.

6. Webinars give you direct contact with potentially a lot of people at any given time. Unlike basic instant messaging applications where you can communicate with only one person at any given time, webinars are a great venue for reaching out to multiple individuals at the same time. Webinar jam for example, allows you to connect with an unlimited number of people at any one time.

7. You also have the option to choose who gets to attend your webinar. A webinar can be set up to be by-invitation only, so you can choose who gets the access codes to your sessions and thus control the quantity and quality of the audience who will be present.

8. As a bonus, this also allows you to use webinars as a sort of fund-raising tool. As with traditional seminars, only those who pay a certain amount will get access to the event.

The webinar content can even be shared by those who attended the event, further extending the reach of your message. The contents of most webinars can be saved and then reviewed even after the event, and some platforms even allow you to share the material via social network even while the webinar is ongoing, which is a very powerful feature.


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